Project lighting

Maretti Lighting is well-known in the World of interior design. In businesses, homes, store chains, and hospitality facilities all over the world, Maretti is an unmistakable presence with
its project lighting that does more than just provide light. Maretti stands for stylish top quality and trendsetting design, modern, original and especially timelessness. Maretti Lighting works
with all the top brands in the lighting industry, but is especially notable for her own large product line and introduces her own brand name “Maretti”. Our production team distinguishes
itself time and time again with unique innovations from our own atelier and therefore our projects exude an entirely unique identity.

In the current trend which is to conserve energy and the environment Maretti Lighting is a trendsetter in this case by using low-energy lamps and LED lighting applications with a long lifespan.
In this way, we consciously contribute to the expectations and requirements of our time.