Light advice

Our professionals are always up to date with the latest developments in the world of lighting. They are therefore able to provide you with an outstanding light advice, in which especially understanding of your wishes, your market segment and your customers, is of great importance. To adapt to the level of our customer we make sure you always have a personal contact person, who has the appropriate specialization, such as retail, homes or offices. A good advice also fits within the budget of the customer, without compromising to the end result.

When visiting our office, the advice consults usually take place in one of our boardrooms; particularly beautiful furnished spaces, which contribute to the personal atmosphere of the conversation. Walking through our property you will discover all disciplines in the field of lighting and you will see how many ideas and applications have been achieved. In our twelve (!) showrooms you’ll find a wealth of inspiration and creative solutions. We are even equipped with a complete light theatre, in which we can give an impression how lighting can affect a space. This theatre is also used for training sessions for light advisers.


Through this personal contact and a honest advice our customers always know what they can expect. Which is just as pleasant for you, as it is for us. After realizing each project, we ask our customers to fill in a survey form, so that we can improve our service and quality where necessary and ensure our professionalism and reliability.

Reliability, honest advice, excellent warranty and a professional approach, is what Maretti stands for.