fluorescent lamp

The widely applied fluorescent lamp, also known as fluorescent lighting, is long lasting, is just as efficient as an energy-saving light bulb and fits well with the contemporary tendency of environmentally conscious life.

Due to the high light output and relatively low shadow formation fluorescent lighting is very suitable for applications in working areas; in garages, kitchens, in the hobby attic and at the office.
For years the fluorescent tube is popular for its good Lumen/Watt ratio (Lumen stands for light output and Watt stands for consumption) and is since a few years on the market in an improved version, the so-called T5 tube.

Our fluorescent luminaires are fitted with high frequency electronic ballasts, which consume less power than conventional ballasts. In combination with the new T5 tubes a maximum of energy
is saved and the lifetime of the light sources increases. Additional advantage is that the light sources directly ignite without the annoying flicker and there is no strobe effect. Our down lights
with compact fluorescent lamps can also be equipped with electronic ballasts and provide the same benefits. Due to the lower energy consumption the price difference between a luminaire
with a conventional ballast and an electronic (high frequency) ballast is recovered over time.