About Maretti

Maretti is well-known in the world of interior lighting. Worldwide in offices, homes, retail chains, hotels and restaurants Maretti is recognizable present with project lighting that does more than just providing light. Maretti stands for stylish high quality with a leading design, contemporary, timeless and especially original. Maretti delivers, designs, produces and provides service and support in the field of lighting. We do this for both the business and the private market.

The personnel of Maretti are all professionals. Our well-trained staff is always informed about/of the latest developments on both the technical level as in the field of interior styling. Our sales consultants are experts in translating the wishes and requirements of each customer into appropriate light calculations and light plans. Because we have an advanced manufacturing division, professional installers and a private service, we guarantee reliability in terms of quality, durability and -certainly not unimportant- delivery date. Whatever happens, the work will be completed on the agreed date. Agreed is agreed, that is the reliability we stand for.